1. There are four parts to LetswapnGo:- Lets, Swaps, Wants and Go. Also there are links to Letswapngo's sister sites, for classified advertising, for "late availability" (with a new separate sub-section for those cottages which have prices listed throughout the year) and , for premium holiday property.

2. There are links from the "Newsroom" (or homepage on the full menu) to the above sites, and you can add entries from there to Lets, Swaps  and Wants . Also if you see an entry which is of interest you can click on the "ticker"or the "stop press" . The Go menu leads first to where you can search by location on interactive maps and there are some interesting external links from the "Go Links Crossword".

3. Navigation round the site is either by the "Quick menu" that gives you a details of what is currently available and a sample of the different databases and ways of searching. To switch from Quick Menu to Full Menu or vice versa use the red link at bottom of all the menus. You may find it easier to use the "Full menus" particularly if you find the Quick menu difficult to see on your browser. You can access more detail from the Full menus and even more from the sites themselves if you go to LetswapnGo's home page .

4. In the full menus each section is color coded
Lets, Swaps, Wants and 
Go. If you go to any of Lets, Swaps and Wants a search page will open first or at Go HolidaymapsGo's interactive map. On each menu there are various options and from there you can navigate to any of the other sections or return Home. Each section has its own information faq.

5. To search complete search box with e.g. Devon, pool or computer and hit Infomation

6. Most pages have clickable icons in the title bar:

  Infomation  Information/faq
  Add an entry  Add entry
  Search Categories  Search Categories

  Also the following three icons are very important, they will be either next to the
  listing or in the toolbar below:

  open a listing  Open a listing to see whole entry
  open a listing  To Edit an entry
  Home or Login  Return home or in some cases login

7.  A great strength of LetswapnGo is that you can add an entry very easily and change the copy yourself as often or whenever you want! No registration is required for  Wants or Lets and a simple Registration and Login procedure for Swaps and Go. But you will need to remember the password you use when making the entry. If you have difficulty with the Login hit the enter key without filling in a username or password. This will log you in as a guest user but you will not be able to edit your entry without the password you originally used for that entry.

8.  Letswapngo is fun to use and very fast and very effective, like any site we have certain simple rules which we ask advertisors to maintain, these are set out in full in Adtel & Partners Webterms.

We are here 24 hours a day to help you find what you want when you want, be it a holiday, a swap or a last minute bargain or present. What's more if you want something and can't find it, let eveyone know, there is sure to be someone who has it to sell or swap.

Adtel & Partners 25th October 2000